My name is Michael, and thank you for joining me on my journey. This blog/vlog or means to communicate will showcase my connections. In the world of photography you can either snap a photo or create an image. For me, it is connecting with those I photograph more than just a snapped random photo. It shows the very moment in time, we captured a moment and at that very moment no other person was in either place than where were that day. Time is such a valuable asset we seldom think about until it is gone, but with a beautiful image you can relive the memory and even pass it on.


Las Vegas, one amazing place in the United States. I will say Las Vegas is a very creative city with sculptures, architecture, and much more made from fantastic designs and architecture. I went there with a group of friends for New Years, packing only cameras I called “Eckerd Camera’s” (known as disposable camera point and shoots to most everyone else at the time). I must have bought about 8 of them and could not wait to capture images of Las Vegas at all hours of the day to capture memories to look back on of perhaps a once in a lifetime experience. To keep a long story short I shot so much I ended buying about 4 more cameras and in the end felt I accomplished my goal of capturing the city. To say the least it was not the case at all as I barely had one sharp image if not well lit image.

And so began my quest in enhancing my photography, upgrading camera bodies and NEVER buying a disposable again…EVER! 🙂

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